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Providence Full Service Storage

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With office and warehouse spaces in Falls River, MA and Providence, RI, Correira Brothers is Southern New England’s best moving and storage company.  Since we service all of the Providence metropolitan area, the entire state of Rhode Island, and much of Connecticut and Massachusetts, finding a better situated Providence area storage company is going to be impossible.

Storage Options in a Providence Moving & Storage Company

With a variety of storage options available to our customers all over southern New England, we’ve made sure to have the various choices optimized for every individual use case.  The type of storage necessary is often dictated by the size and weight of the property or belongings of our customers but we understand valuables should be more difficult to access, regardless of size.  Keeping security in mind, we work with you to determine which type of storage your belongings will need and take advantage of:


  • Vaults – Probably the type of storage unit that you’re most familiar with.  They’re wooden vaults and tend to be blocked off and kept locked for security reasons.  These types of storage (often called vaulted storage) are most usually reserved for household items and they look something like this.  They’re stacked in our warehouse and can be retrieved at your request.
  • Racking – Have you ever visited Costco or a similar store?  Think about the racks there and imagine things that are generally too large to make sense inside of a vault.  Racks can also be used for furniture, fixtures, and equipment for businesses!
  • Pallets/Palletizing – We offer pallet spaces for items that need to be packaged carefully, on their own, and on a pallet.  With an option for these items to be wrapped in shrink wrap, pallets can be placed on the ground floor or in racks by a forklift.

Oversized – Have a piano?  Maybe a boat or a golf cart… ATV?  We offer oversized storage for items that are simply too large or too heavy for the alternative methods.

Storage Details at Providence’s Top Moving & Storage Company

When considering what Providence storage company to provide service for you, be sure to consider these four elements as they’re going to be the most important factors for a successful storage experience.

1. Security.  It’s crucial that you know your belongings are in a safe space with plenty of protection and monitoring.  At Correira, you get

    1. The comfort of video surveillance
    2. Locking alarm systems
    3. Limited access requiring proof of identity and regulated hours
    4. Remote emergency monitoring (fire, flooding, smoke, etc)

2. Climate controlled environment.  The last thing anybody needs is humidity ruining their goods and furniture.  We have climate controlled warehouses regulating humidity and temperature so that we know everything in storage can remain for long periods of time without moisture damage.

3. Adequate protective materials and processes.  Imagine you go to pick up your belongings and something’s broken.  Worse yet – imagine going to pick up your belongings and they can’t be located because of poor practices.  With Correira, your property will be well protected with the necessary pad wrap, shrink wrap, or crating and our dedicated warehouse staff is well versed in our inventory system!

4. Large space.  There is nothing worse than trying to cram too much into a small space.  We make sure there is ample spacing for all of our customers without risking TOO MUCH space and overcharging.  Efficiency is key!

Make sure that you speak to a customer service representative from each company you’re considering doing business with.  Friendly and helpful service reps can be the difference between a good experience and a dreadful one.  Don’t be afraid to check all the customer reviews from your peers that you can find!

Top Reasons People Store at a Providence, RI Full Service Storage Company

There are a number of reasons clients choose to store belongings with a Providence full service storage company.  Probably the most obvious, and definitely the most common of which, is that people can’t always bring everything with them when they’re relocating.  Sometimes they need short term storage for a couple of weeks while things get situated, but other times customers require a long term solution to stow away property they simply cannot fit into their new albeit temporary living situation, most commonly occurring when people join families together.  Sometimes storage units are required during home renovations and sometimes they’re required by businesses while upgrades are being made.

Just as the reason for needing storage space differs, so do the items, goods, belongings, equipment, and even art that need storing!  Household goods are most common but some people like to stow away expensive antiques, fine art, or heavy equipment that are too difficult to feasibly move around or store at home.  Businesses that own office furniture use storage spaces to hang on to items they purchased in bulk and will eventually need for future growth.  

Both businesses and families have and use Correira for short and long term storage purposes.  The example used regarding businesses storing furniture or bulk computer systems is a long term example while a student in transition between home and dorm would be a short term scenario.  No matter – we satisfy both needs equally!

With the knowledge, experience, space, and technology necessary to store your items for any long term or short term reason, Correira Brothers Moving & Storage experts are the best in the business.  If you are looking for the best Providence full service storage company, we invite you to give us a call at (401) 336-5515 or fill out our online form to get a free quote from the licensed and insured pros today!  Remember… We service all of the Providence metropolitan area, the entire state of Rhode Island, along with most parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts!