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Hiring Moving Help & Moving Labor in Providence

Thinking about hiring moving help for your upcoming relocation? Doing so has a myriad of benefits. At Correira Brothers, we’re proud to offer an extensive list of services that are designed to make your life easy throughout the entire moving process. We specialize in residential and commercial moves, packing services, relocation of specialty items, senior moving, storage, and white glove furniture delivery.

With office and warehouse locations in Providence RI and Falls River MA, we’re available to service all of the Providence metropolitan area, the entire state of Rhode Island, and most parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts. No matter where you are relocating to in Southern New England, our expert movers are here to make the journey as simple and stress-free as possible.

We offer a 2-hour minimum move, with 2 movers.  This is a very affordable labor only moving service.

Benefits of Moving Helpers

  • Convenience: Enlisting the help of experienced professionals makes relocating to your new home or office a breeze.
  • Control: Know exactly when and how your belongings will make it from point A to point B.
  • Flexibility: If your plans change, you can utilize our secure storage services to keep your belongings safe until your new moving date.
  • Safety: Our staff is 100% background checked, and treats your items like they are our own.
  • Affordability: Relocation services are almost always a cost efficient solution.
  • Saves time: Packing, loading, and unloading your belongings takes hours upon hours of time to accomplish. Moving services remove all of those duties off of your plate, making it possible to focus on other essential tasks.
  • Moving is more difficult than it looks: Don’t underestimate how strenuous it is to pack and move boxes, furniture, and appliances.
  • Less chance for any damage: Utilizing industry standard techniques, our experienced team knows how to eliminate the risk of damage and breakage.

What Professional Moving Helpers Do

  • Packing and unpacking: Skip the hours of hassle and physical exertion involved with packing and unpacking your belongings.
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture: Enjoy the convenience of having your dining room table, couch, baby crib, entertainment center, and other pieces of furniture taken down — and set up in your new home — without lifting a finger.
  • Loading the truck or storage container: Did you know that there are right and wrong ways to load a moving truck and storage container? Hiring top-rated relocation professionals ensures that all of the items from your property are loaded with the highest degree of skill.
  • Unloading the truck or storage container: Once you’ve arrived at your new home or office, we’ll ensure that all appliances, furniture, and moving boxes are unloaded with care and efficiency.
  • We’ll bring all of the supplies and equipment: Save even more time and money when you let us bring all of the moving boxes, packing tape, moving carts, and other essential supplies and equipment.
  • Work with movers who are trained, professional, experienced, and efficient: Have peace of mind in knowing that we only hire and train the best of the best.

Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in Providence

Unfamiliar with the ways that you can utilize professional moving services in Providence to your benefit? Explore some of the top scenarios in which it is beneficial to enlist the help of our moving help relocation experts.

Load/unload a moving container

Moving containers have become paramount to the relocation process for millions of individuals. If you have never used one before, you have almost definitely seen one being transported on the road, or placed in the driveway of a neighbor’s home. These containers can be rented for a period of time and used to store and transport an entire household’s worth of items. 

If you are planning to use a moving container to transport your belongings to your new property, labor-only services where you are utilitizing moving help by the hour, are an excellent addition. Instead of doing all of the work yourself, you can hire experienced individuals to load and unload your container. Top brands of moving containers include Pods, Pack Rat, Reloc Cubes, SmartBox, and U-Pack Containers.

Truck rental loading/unloading

Reserving your own truck rental? Labor-only moving services can help you feel like you have full-service moving help.

When working with highly-rated brands — including U-haul, Budget, Penske, and Enterprise — we’re available to load and unload all of your valuables. Let us use our U-haul movers expertise to carefully yet efficiently pack up your fragile items, furniture, and more to reduce the risk of damage.

Self-storage move-in & move-out

Need assistance with moving in or moving out of your Providence metro self-storage space? If you are ready to clear out or fill a self-storage unit, having professional moving help will make your life 10x easier. Ensure that no detail is missed, and that all of your items are packed safely and securely with our services.

Freight trailer loading

When you need something a bit larger than a moving container or standard sized truck, freight trailers are the best option. These oversized trucks accommodate large, fully furnished homes with ease. However, they require the assistance of a professional team to load and unload.

Searching for a top-rated freight trailer brand to work with? Both ABF U-Pack and Old Dominion Household Services are strong choices.


Looking for a bit of extra assistance when packing up your home in Providence? If you’re planning a DIY move, but would like to take the task of packing off of your list, you can count on our moving labor team. From Warwick, RI and Fall River, MA, and everywhere in between, we can come to your home and box up specific rooms — or your entire property.

Remodeling a home

If you are working on a home remodel, your to-do list is already packed to the brim. Delegate the task of moving furniture in and out of the property, as well as furniture assembly, to our expert and affordable team of helpers. 

Cost of Hiring Providence Moving Helpers

If you are planning to hire us for labor-only services, your total price will depend on several variables. Factors include the number of hours that you need assistance, how many services are required, the amount of possessions you own, and any supplies that you need us to supply. The best way to get an idea of your costs is to call us for a detailed quote.

Hire Correira Brothers for Providence Moving Help

Want to find the best movers for your relocation needs? One of the most essential first steps is to read Providence local movers reviews on each company’s website. On top of this crucial step, also be sure to do the following:

  • Browse Yelp and Google Reviews of local moving companies
  • Check how long the company has been in business
  • Verify licensing and insurance, claims rates, the number of moves performed, and other essential data
  • Ask about what type of equipment and supplies each company uses

Tips & Resources for Providence DIY Moving

Here are several more valuable resources to use during your relocation:

Ready to get a quote for your upcoming address change? Contact our knowledgeable team today at 401-648-6683 to get started.