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RI DMV Change of Address [2024] | Changing Your Address in Rhode Island

Last Updated on: 6th October 2023, 02:46 pm

Here’s how to do a RI DMV address change to update  

How to do a RI DMV address change (and what you need at the RI DMV) plus transferring National Grid Rhode Island utilities, mail forwarding, & more.

Moving can be a thrilling experience, but it also comes with a to-do list that only seems to get longer. One of the many important tasks that should be on your moving checklist is the Rhode Island change of address process.

Don’t rely on USPS mail forwarding alone. Not only does this have limitations, failing to give certain entities like the DMV and your insurance company timely notice of your move can come with harsh penalties.

This guide covers everything you need to know to complete a RI DMV address change, transfer National Grid utilities, inform the IRS and Rhode Island Division of Taxation, and more.

RI DMV Change of Address

Rhode Island law requires RI license holders to notify the DMV of a change of address within 10 days. Fortunately, a RI DMV address change is an easy and straightforward process. Your vehicle registration is simultaneously updated with your new address.

Here’s how to change your address on your license in Rhode Island and what you’ll need to bring.

You have three ways to complete a RI DMV address change:

  • Use the Rhode Island DMV online portal
  • Update license address in person
  • Mail your DMV Change of Address RI notice

The easiest option is using the online service: Rhode Island DMV Change of Address. To update your address, you will need to provide your Rhode Island drivers license number, last name, and birth date, or verify your identify with your RI vehicle plate number and plate type.

You also have the option of completing the drivers license change of address in person at any AAA branch or RI DMV branch. Note that AAA offices only allow members to make change of address requests. Name requests are not accepted except middle name updates for the purposes of obtaining a REAL ID.

Note: you will need to make a DMV RI appointment for in-person services. Walk-ins are currently not accepted. If you prefer to change your address in person, click here to make a RI DMV reservation online.

What to bring to DMV for address change:

Finally, you can mail your RI DMV Change of Address Notice to Division of Motor Vehicles Attn: Address Change, 600 New London Avenue, Cranston RI 02920. Your new address should be printed on the back of your RI driver’s license. You do not need to pay a fee to update your address.

Rhode Island DMV Change of Address Fees

The law requires you to notify the DMV when you move and provide an updated address. This update is free, but you must pay the duplicate driver’s license fee of $27.50 if you want a replacement license with the new address.

USPS Change of Address

The most important place to change your address is with the post office. The fastest way to ensure your mail is forwarded is going to to change your address online. The online service has a $1.10 fee, but you get email confirmation. Note that you need an email address and credit or debit card for the online address change service.

You can also do a RI post office change of address in person. Visit your local post office and ask for the Mover’s Guide. You must fill out the included USPS Change of Address Form (PS Form 3575) and drop it in the mail slot or return it to a postal worker.

The USPS Change of Address (COA) form will ask if your move is temporary or permanent, whether it is a family or individual move, and when you want the post office to start forwarding your mail. Your mail will begin arriving at your new address within 7 to 10 postal days after your effective move date.

Be aware that the post office will only forward your mail for 6 months initially, but you can extend mail forwarding up to 12 months. Not all your mail is treated the same, however. First class, priority, and first class packages will be forward for 12 months, but magazine and newspaper subscriptions are only forwarded for 60 days. You will need to update each company separately to continue receiving your mail.

Remember that USPS mail forwarding does not inform the business or person who sent the mail that your address has changed. All important contacts, including banks and credit card companies, will need to be notified.

Tax Agencies

Make sure you notify the Rhode Island Division of Taxation (Form RI-COI) and the IRS of your new address to ensure you receive important communications. This step is also important if you are moving out of Rhode Island because it helps demonstrate your state of domicile and when you moved, just in case two states attempt to collect income taxes from you later.

IRS Change of Address

There are a few ways to notify the IRS of your change of address:

  • Complete Form 8822, Change of Address and follow the instructions to use the correct mailing address.
  • Send a signed, written statement with your Social Security number, full name, old address, and new address to the address where your last return was filed. You can search for the correct mailing address here.
  • Inform the IRS by phone or in person. You will need to verify the information the IRS has on file.
  • Use your new address to file your federal tax return

Rhode Island change of address

RI Division of Taxation Change of Address

It’s easy to notify the Rhode Island Division of Taxation that you have moved with Form RI-COI, Change of Name or Address. You will need to provide the name, address, and Social Security number or EIN they have on file and the information that has changed. The form should be mailed to: RI Division of Taxation, One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908-5806.

You can also submit your Rhode Island change of address through the Tax Portal by selecting “service request.”

Transferring Utilities in RI

Buying a house or staying within the area? If you will keep service with the same utility companies, updating your address isn’t enough – you have to transfer service to your new address. If the service wasn’t in your name, you will need to start service with your own account.

National Grid is the natural gas and electricity provider in Rhode Island. Schedule an appointment to start/stop or transfer service about one week before you move. National Grid requests 5 to 7 days’ notice so a crew can be scheduled. Click here to transfer National Grid service.

For water, sewer, and trash services, you will need to contact the city department at your new location to start service and set up an account. You will also need to contact your internet, phone, and/or cable providers to determine if you can receive the same service at your new home.

Moving to Providence or within the city? Check our complete guide to Providence, RI utilities to learn more.

Insurance Companies

It’s important to update your address with your auto insurance company and any other insurance carriers. Your insurance company may need to adjust your premium up or down based on your new address, especially when it comes to car insurance policies. Your premium is based, in part, on the population density, crime rate, parking location (garage or street), and more of the address where you park your car at night.

If you don’t change your address with your insurance company and need to make a claim, the insurer can deny your claim when it discovers you have a new address. This is more likely to happen if you change states or zip codes with very different levels of risk.

RI Voter Registration Change of Address

If you are already registered to vote in RI when you submit the Change of Address for RI DMV form, the DMV will automatically update your voter registration with your new address unless you check the box.

You will need to update your voter registration record yourself if you decline the automatic DMV update or do not update your license. Here’s how to change your Rhode Island voter registration address.

Option #1: Update your registration online. This is done through Your Voter Information Center on the RI Secretary of State website. Search for your record and then select “Edit my voter record.” You will need to provide your RI drivers license number.

Option #2; Update your voter registration by mail or in person. You will need to print the RI Voter Registration Form. This must be completed and mailed or delivered in person to your local board of canvassers. Click here to find your local board and mailing address.

RI Voting Change of Address

Social Security Change of Address

A SSN address change ensures you receive important communications from the Social Security Administration about your benefits. You can complete a Social Security change of address online with your My Social Security account.

After logging in, select “My Profile” and “Update Contact Information.” You can choose to schedule the update if you have not moved yet.

Passport Address Change

U.S. passports are expensive and take weeks to receive. You probably aren’t eager about the thought of updating your passport, but there’s good news: you do not need to update your passport after a change of address!


Changing your address in Rhode Island can be time-consuming, but it’s an important step to take to ensure a smooth transition. Ahead of your move, keep track of the mail you receive, subscriptions, and important business and personal contacts to make sure you don’t overlook anyone when updating your address. Our Ultimate Moving Checklist can help you stay on top of the details.

From changing your address and setting up utilities to enrolling kids in school, figuring out how to transport pets, and making sure nothing is overlooked, you already have enough on your plate before moving day even arrives.

Rest easy with Correira Brothers’ Moving & Storage by your side, handling all the hard work, heavy lifting, and logistics. We can’t help with Rhode Island DMV change of address process or mail forwarding, but we can make sure the move itself is easy and worry-free! Call the best Rhode Island movers today to get started with a free, personalized moving estimate. 


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