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Moving from Providence to Boston | 馃 Top Providence to Boston Movers

Last Updated on: 28th July 2023, 05:13 pm

Planning out your move from Providence to Boston? Separated by approximately 50 miles, the trip between these two iconic East Coast cities is manageable. However, there are numerous reasons that make it necessary to relocate to Boston (rather than take frequent day trips).

What are some of the reasons people move from Providence to Boston? The first 鈥 and most popular 鈥 is a job change. Boston, and its surrounding communities, are a thriving hub of opportunity. Home to major companies, educational institutions, and more, it is common to move to Boston for career advancement.

Another popular reason for moving to Boston? Family. Across all life stages, being close to family is important for a variety of reasons. Living 50+ miles away can be too much of a stressor for some, which is why they choose to relocate near parents, grown children, and other family members.

Since long distance moving can be filled with hassles and time-consuming duties, our team at Correira Brothers Moving & Storage is ready to help you do the heavy lifting. To prepare you for your upcoming relocation, learn more about moving from Providence to Boston.


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What Moving to Boston is Like

Wondering why people move to Boston? There are a myriad of benefits for residents of this well-known and historic city.

Famous for the Red Sox baseball team, clam chowder, Fenway Park, baked beans, and for being the home of the Cheers bar (now a restaurant themed after the hit 80s TV show), Boston brims with charm and character. It is filled with historic significance, with its written history beginning back in 1625. It was incorporated five years later on September 7, 1630, and has been the site of numerous historical events 鈥 including the Boston Tea Party in 1773 at Griffin’s Wharf.

Boston currently has a population of 689,326 residents. There are 14,259.7 people per square mile within the 48.3 square miles that the city occupies. The median resident age of 32.4 is significantly younger than the median age of the Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH Metro Area. 52 percent of the population identifies as female, and 48 percent identify as male.

Individuals living in Boston are highly educated and high earners. 87.9 percent of residents have earned a high school diploma (or higher), and 51.3 percent have attained a bachelor鈥檚 degree (or higher). The median household income is $76,298 per year, whereas the annual per capita income is $46,845.Boston experiences all four seasons, and is categorized as having a continental climate type. Daily high temperatures during the summer range between 73掳F – 82F, while highs during the winter range between 36掳F – 45掳F. Boston averages 48 inches of snow annually, with the wettest month of the year being December.

Benefits of Moving from Providence to Boston

Want to know if moving from Providence to Boston is the right choice for you? By comparing each city鈥檚 merits, personality, cost of living, and other important factors, you can more easily make your decision. Check out a complete comparison of Providence and Boston below.

Cost of living

Host to a plethora of attractions, amenities, and historical sites, living in Boston is predictably expensive. The city鈥檚 Cost of Living Index (COLI) is 153.2 (the U.S. average is 100). Providence鈥檚 Cost of Living Index is much closer to the national average at 117.2.

Expensive housing costs are the biggest driver of Boston鈥檚 higher-than-average rating. The Boston COLI for housing is a whopping 224.5 (with the national average also being 100). Providence鈥檚 COLI for housing is a much more reasonable 121.7.

Looking at specific dollar figures, the average cost of rent in Boston is $3,772 per month. The median home sale price is $800,000. In Providence, you can expect to pay an average of $2,318 per month for an apartment. For individuals looking to buy, the median home sale price is $373,000.

When comparing other cost of living factors 鈥 such as groceries, utilities, and transportation 鈥 costs are almost identical between the two cities.

Crime rate

Despite being a large city, Boston鈥檚 crime rate is significantly lower than similar locales of the same size. In fact, the overall crime rate in Boston is lower than in Providence (216.1 vs 350.7). The overall crime rate in Providence is 99.7 percent higher than the state average, and 41.6 percent higher than the national average. Partly due to its lower crime rate, U.S. News and World Report has ranked Boston as the #18 best place to live in the nation.


Being only 50 miles apart, Providence and Boston experience nearly identical weather. If you enjoy Providence鈥檚 climate, you are certain to feel comfortable in Boston. Throughout the year, average daily highs in Providence range between 37掳F and 83掳F, whereas Boston鈥檚 average daily highs range between 36掳F and 82掳F. Both cities are categorized as having a continental climate, which is known for hot summers and chilly, snowy winters.

Things to do

Although both cities feature quality things to do, Boston is easily the winner in terms of fun attractions, historical sites, and other unique experiences.

Providence offers a quality selection of arts and culture venues, beautiful outdoor spaces, and historical sites. Top places to visit include the Providence Children鈥檚 Museum, Roger Williams Park and Zoo, the Providence Performing Arts Center, and Historic Federal Hill.

Individuals seeking a wide array of unique attractions and experiences will especially appreciate living in Boston. From the day you move to the city, you can check out hotspots such as Fenway Park, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Harbor Islands State Park, the Samuel Adams Brewery, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library, the Boston Public Library, and the Museum of Science.


Exceptional schools can be found in both Boston and Providence. While Providence has more public schools that rank higher on, Boston is home to some of the most prestigious private schools and universities in the world. Top universities in Boston include Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston University, and Tufts University.


Boston is a major city for sports fans. Serving as home base for the Boston Red Sox (MLB), the Boston Celtics (NBA), and the Boston Bruins (ice hockey), sports fans can cheer on professional home teams all year long. Since 1912, Fenway Park 鈥 one of the city鈥檚 biggest attractions 鈥 has served as the home of the Boston Red Sox.

Providence has several semi-professional teams, but is generally not regarded as a popular place for sports fans.

Providence to Boston Movers

What can you expect from our team when utilizing long distance services from Providence to Boston? Check out some of the perks and benefits you can expect with a Providence to Boston movers interstate moving company:

  • Dedicated moving coordinator who will handle all aspects of your journey
  • Moving boxes and top-tier packing materials
  • Expert handling and packing of all of your household belongings
  • A 100% background checked and fully trained team of Providence to Boston movers
  • Loading of all of your belongings onto the moving truck
  • Storage at origin or destination (if requested)
  • Transportation and delivery of your items in Boston
  • Unloading, reassembly, and placement of your items in the correct rooms
  • Full unpacking (optional)

Additionally, hiring a full service Providence to Boston moving company is excellent for reducing stress, hassle, and time spent on your relocation. Our interstate moving company can put hours of time back into your schedule, so that you can focus on the most important aspects of your life. We鈥檒l coordinate every last detail so that you never have to worry 鈥 or lift a finger! Overall, Providence to Boston long distance movers provide you with peace of mind that cannot be achieved with a DIY move.

Why Correira Brothers Moving & Storage is Your Best Providence to Boston Moving Company Choice

What should you be looking for when searching for the best Providence to Boston long distance moving company? Investing a bit of time in conducting research on a relocation company will save you frustration and hassle down the road. Feel pleased with your final decision when choosing top Providence to Boston out of state movers.

Here鈥檚 what you should consider about each moving company you are researching:

  • Providence to Boston long distance reviews: Read Google Reviews to learn about the average client experience
  • Review essential stats, such as years in business, claims rates, and client ratings
  • Check that the company is licensed and insured
  • Read up on the equipment and supplies used

For over 10 years, Correira Brothers Moving & Storage has provided outstanding customer service through our local and long distance moving services. With a team that is 100% background checked, and trained using the latest industry standard practices, your belongings are always in good hands with us.

We are also proud to have a 96 percent referral rate from our past clients, as well as a 4 percent claims rate! Our staff always treats your belongings as if they were our own, ensuring that even the most fragile items make the journey without damage or breakage.

Providence to Boston Moving Cost

Wondering what it costs to move from Providence to Boston? The average cost of a long distance move between these cities is approximately $2,284 – $3,093. However, the only way to officially know your cost is to request a free moving quote.

What factors go into determining the cost of a move from Providence to Boston? As with any relocation, the following variables help calculate your expenses:

  • The total distance between your origin and destination cities
  • Weight (or volume) of your belongings
  • Move-out and move-in dates (weekends and peak season dates can increase your cost)
  • Extra services desired
  • Requiring storage at your origin and/or destination city

Providence to Boston Distances & Travel Information

Once your belongings are picked up from Providence, most people will drive to their new home in Boston. Since the distance in miles from Providence to Boston is roughly 50 miles, this journey can be made in a little over one hour.

Ready to begin your journey from Providence to Boston? As Rhode Island鈥檚 top-rated movers, we are pros at making the experience easy, efficient, and enjoyable. Get started today by calling our experienced and friendly Providence long distance movers at 401-648-6683.


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