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Best Schools in Providence RI | 🏫Top Private Schools, High Schools, Elementary Schools

Last Updated on: 28th July 2023, 04:58 pm

Known for its long history, many attractions, and for being the capital of Rhode Island, Providence is an iconic east coast city. Home to a vibrant downtown, unique museums, and an Ivy League research university — Brown University — it is easy to see why the city’s population continues to grow and thrive.

Aside from Brown University, Providence also features many outstanding, highly-rated schools for elementary, middle grade, and high school students. If you are moving to Providence with your school-aged child or teen, there are plenty of acclaimed private and public schools in Providence from which you can choose.

Our method of ranking and selecting top Providence schools is different from popular websites such as Niche and GreatSchools. Due to the fact that there are limitations with the ranking processes for many of these websites, we have taken special measures to curate an accurate and unbiased list of the best schools in Providence.

Prior to listing our selection of the best Providence public schools and the best Providence private schools, it is important to explain what criteria we used to select each school:

  • Overall student improvement rates (this data often reveals whether or not a school is equipped to help students who are disadvantaged, or students who have an Individual Education Plan – IEP.)
  • Test scores
  • AP class participation rate
  • Programs for gifted students
  • Classroom size
  • Special awards (for the school or school district)
  • School report card
  • Extracurricular activities
  • College readiness measures
  • Noteworthy programs (i.e. STEM, athletics)

Best High Schools in Providence

In search of the best high schools in Providence? In the city, there are a number of highly-ranked places to send your teen. Selecting the best Providence high school is one of the most important decisions that you can make as a parent. Ensuring that your chosen school has the right college prep programs (including AP and IB courses), a wide range of extracurriculars, and other desirable features is essential. Discover some of the best public Providence high schools — including their key figures, top programs, and more.

Classical High School — Ranked as the #1 Providence school by U.S. News & World Report and winner of many prestigious awards

Recipient of numerous awards throughout the years, Classical High School is easily the best high school in Providence. Exceeding expectations in every area possible, this high school currently serves 1,115 students. Classical High School is a national Blue Ribbon School, and offers ​​24 Advanced Placement courses spanning a variety of subjects.

This school has impressive stats across the board. Its College Readiness Index is 86.8 of 100, with 100 percent of students taking at least one AP exam. Classical High School is ranked as the #1 high school in Providence and in Rhode Island, and #91 among all high schools in the nation. It was named a 2017 Blue Ribbon Exemplary High School, and a 2020 Gold Medal #1 School.

In addition to all of the above positive attributes, Classical High School also boasts a special education inclusion program, making it possible for students of all abilities to excel in school. Additionally, 59 percent of students are economically disadvantaged, and receive assistance in a number of areas (including free lunch and scholarship programs).

East Greenwich High School — Rigorous academic programs with a focus on empowering students to achieve

Named a 2018 Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education, East Greenwich High School is an exceptional Providence high school. With an overall 97.7/100 rating from U.S. News & World Report, this school ranks highly on all school-related lists in Rhode Island.

As of the latest data, 809 students attend East Greenwich. AP course participation is 61 percent, with 53 percent passing at least one exam. The school’s College Readiness Index Rank is #3 in the state, and its statewide Graduation Rate Rank is #5.

On top of its superior academics, East Greenwich High School offers a wide variety of extracurricular programs and clubs — both common and less conventional. Students can join the Drama Club, Chess Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, E-Sports, the Environmental Club, the Historical Preservation Club, and many more organizations.

Another standout feature at East Greenwich High School is its strong stance against bullying. Anyone associated with the school can confidentially report incidents of bullying on the school’s website. Combined with its bullying-related policies, East Greenwich strives to be a safe space for all students.

Barrington High School — Five-star rated, Blue Ribbon Providence public high school

Awarded as a 2022 recipient of the National Blue Ribbon School distinction, Barrington High School is another one of the best high schools in Providence. Located in the nearby suburbs, this school has earned an outstanding reputation for its academics, athletics, and extracurricular clubs.

U.S. News & World Report rated Barrington with an overall score of 98.27/100, making it the publication’s #2 top high school in Providence. Over the years, Barrington High School has received a myriad of impressive awards. The Washington Post named the school as one of the Most Challenging High Schools in the entire United States.

As an excellent school for students who are looking for an extra challenge, Bartington’s academic figures are nothing shy of impressive. Many students take and pass AP courses and exams for college credit. Additionally, the school has an over 96 percent graduation rate.

Best Elementary Schools in Providence

Looking for the best elementary schools in Providence? The city features many highly-rated institutions. Each of our picks exemplifies key markers for success, including high test proficiency, commitment to serving low-income and underserved students, and other important considerations.

Reservoir Avenue School — Ranked as the best elementary school in Providence by U.S. News & World Report and other top organizations

Acclaimed and highly-regarded, Reservoir Avenue Elementary is the best elementary school in Providence for its academic excellence and quality of student life.

Known for its great test scores, robust educational programs, and special education services, Reservoir Avenue Elementary serves students at all ability levels. Many students have above average proficiency across subject areas, including math, reading, and science.

What is especially unique about Reservoir is its dedication to social emotional learning. Instead of being focused solely on test scores and academic performance, teachers and staff partner with East Coast Mental Health, and participate as one of the nation’s Safe and Caring Schools.

Vartan Gregorian Elementary School — Offering excellent academic programs and one-of-a-kind partnerships with local organizations

Partnering with the Boys and Girls Club and Ivy League school Brown University, the student experience at Vartan Gregorian Elementary School is one that is unique and robust.

56 percent of the student body is considered economically disadvantaged. There are 20 full-time teachers on staff, and a student-teacher ratio of 14:1. 44 percent of students are at or above average in reading, and 30 percent are at or above average in math.

Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School — Student proficiency ratings that are above average across all core subject areas

Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School is well-known for its above average student proficiency in reading, math, and beyond. Offering fun activities and clubs, the overall experience at this school can best be described as enjoyable and comprehensive.

51 percent of enrolled students are female, while 49 percent are male. Minority enrollment is at 84 percent. Currently, there are 26 full-time teachers at the school. Additionally, the student-teacher ratio is 16:1, which is similar to other highly rated elementary schools in Providence.

Best Private Schools in Providence

As an alternative to public schools, some parents opt to send their children and teens to the best Providence private schools. Check out some of the top private schools in Providence across all grade levels.

Providence Schools FAQ

  • What is the best high school in Providence?

  • Does Providence have good schools?

    • Yes, Providence has excellent schools for students in preschool through 12th grade.

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