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Providence Specialty Moving Services

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Are you stressed about moving a valuable, irreplaceable, or bulky item that regular movers may not handle? Enter Correira Brothers, the best specialty movers in Providence. With meticulous care and specialized expertise, our Providence specialty moving company will transport all of your unique belongings. Our team can tackle everything from grand pianos to hefty safes to delicate antiques. Trust our unique movers to handle your cherished possessions with precision and ease, providing you with a seamless relocation experience. 

Why Trust Correira Brothers With Your Specialty Moving Needs?

When it comes to choosing specialized moving services in Providence, experience matters. It is important to choose a company that will protect your high-end and specialty items during the moving process. When it comes to specialty moving companies, Correira Brothers is the best. With over 15 years of experience, Correira Brothers stands out as a reliable choice for your delicate moving needs. This is why Correira Brothers are the best specialized movers for the job.

Our Specialty Moving Services in Providence

Correira Brothers offers a comprehensive range of specialty moving solutions in Providence and beyond. When you hire our trustworthy delicate movers, you can rest assured that your specialty items are in capable hands. These are the unique moving services we can provide you with.

Custom Crating

Correira Brothers excels in providing custom crating services in Providence that are tailored to the specific dimensions and fragility of your items. Whether it is fine china, delicate sculptures, or oversized artwork, our expert team will craft custom crates to ensure maximum protection during transport. The custom wooden crates are built out of high-quality materials and are constructed to fit snugly around your belongings, minimizing movement and preventing damage. With our custom crating service, you can trust that your belongings are in good hands.

Fine Art & Artwork

If you need to move artwork from one place to another, then get in touch with our Providence fine art movers. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, our fine art moving service is here for you. Our art movers employ specialized packing materials and handling techniques to keep your valuable pieces safe, ensuring that they arrive at their destination unharmed. Our fine art movers will carefully wrap each piece, whether it is a small intricate painting or a large sculpture, before placing them in sturdy crates. 


Hire our experienced Providence antique movers to transport your valuable antiques. Our antique moving company will do our best to handle your delicate items with care, making sure that they are held securely with protective padding and packaging to prevent damage during the transportation process. As the best antiques mover in Providence, we can handle everything from fragile vases to a century-old dresser to a precious family heirloom. 


Our Providence collectibles movers understand the significance of collectible items. With our collectible moving company, you can rest assured that items such as rare coins and vintage memorabilia will be transported safely and efficiently. The careful handling and secure packing methods ensure your collectibles arrive safely at their new location, preserving their value. Whether you are moving a collection of baseball cards, comic books, or stamps, our collectible moving company will take the time to carefully pack each item, using specialized materials to protect them from damage. 

Grandfather Clocks

Transporting a grandfather clock requires precision and expertise. We will carefully disassemble and pack these intricate clocks, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition during transit. Our team will pay close attention to the delicate inner workings of the clock, making sure to secure them in place to prevent any damage from occurring. 

Large & Unique Furniture

Our Providence heavy item movers tackle the challenge of moving large and unique furniture with ease. Using specialized equipment and techniques, our large item movers ensure that your cherished pieces are protected from scratches, arriving at your new location intact. Whether it is a bulky sofa, a delicate dining room table, or a tall bookshelf, our large item moving company can handle it all. Our large furniture movers will carefully secure each item before loading it onto the truck.

Computers & IT Equipment

Sensitive electronics like computers and IT equipment require delicate handling. Our Providence IT relocation services will get all of your equipment to your new destination safely and efficiently. Our team employs anti-static materials and special packing methods to safeguard your devices and prevent them from becoming damaged during the journey. We understand the importance of these items to your business or personal life, and we will take extra care to ensure that they arrive safely at their new location.

Treadmills & Home Gym Equipment

Moving heavy gym equipment like treadmills requires strength and expertise. Our Providence treadmill movers and fitness equipment movers will safely disassemble, transport, and reassemble your home gym equipment, ensuring it arrives at your new home ready for use. Our exercise equipment movers will carefully wrap up each component to prevent damage during transit and use specialized equipment to handle the heavy lifting.

Arcade Games & Pinball Machines

Correira Brothers specializes in moving pinball machines and other arcade games. Our Providence pinball machine movers will carefully dismantle and pack these entertainment fixtures and set them up again at your new location. We have the expertise to safely transport even the bulkiest arcade cabinets and delicate pinball machines, ensuring that they arrive in perfect working order.


Give our Providence piano movers a call to get your Grand, Baby Grand, or electric piano to your new home. Our piano moving company is the best around, and our team will arrive with all of the proper tools and expertise needed to handle your instrument. 


Our Providence safe movers are equipped to handle the relocation of heavy safes. Our safe moving company can safely maneuver and transport safes of all sizes, ensuring the security of your valuables throughout the moving process. Whether you are moving a gun safe or a regular safe, our team will do everything we can to protect both the safe and its contents using specialized equipment like dollies and straps. Our trustworthy safe moving company can help with small home safes, large commercial safes, and more.

Heavy Equipment & Machinery

We have the capability to move heavy equipment and machinery with ease. Whether you are relocating manufacturing equipment, construction machinery, or industrial tools, we are here for you. Our crew is trained in proper lifting and securing techniques, ensuring the safe transport of your industrial equipment. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime and will work closely with you to develop a customized moving plan that meets your specific needs. 

Cars & Motorcycles

Do you need to transport your vehicle to your new home or business? Although Correira Brothers does not offer car transportation, we work with a company that does. Contact us at any time to learn more about these services.

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