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Providence Piano Movers

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Moving A Piano In Providence With Correira Brothers

Pianos are priceless and one-of-a-kind instruments. While they are expensive, they hold their value well and often get passed from one generation to another. The first ever piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori in the 1700s. There are different models of pianos, like the Spinet or Upright, Baby Grand, Grand, and the Digital Keyboard. On average, 30,000 pianos get made in a given year throughout the United States.聽

Correira Brothers service the Providence metropolitan area, the entire state of Rhode Island, and most of Connecticut and Massachusetts.聽

To make sure your instrument arrives undamaged and in the same condition as it left, you need to consider hiring the best Providence piano movers. Correira Brothers have the proper experience and training to ensure the transportation of your piano goes smoothly.

Hiring Professional Providence Piano Movers - Top Reasons

There’s a wide range of reasons why someone hires a team of Providence local movers in the first place. The most common include that it helps to reduce your stress, saves you time and energy, and because they come prepared with professional-grade packing materials and supplies.聽聽

While these are all great reasons to hire a Providence moving company, when you add relocating a piano into the mix, it also helps prevent you from getting injured in the process. Pianos are fragile, heavy, and large instruments. And trying to move them on your own without the proper training can be a nightmare and even dangerous.聽

Reasons To Hire A Providence Piano Mover

Some of the top reasons to hire a team of professional Providence piano movers include:聽

  • Specialized training and skill set
  • Proper equipment
  • Special trucks to ensure your piano doesn鈥檛 get damaged during the transition (it needs to stay stable and not move around while driving)
  • Affordable Providence piano moving service
  • Highly-trained
  • Trustworthy

With pianos weighing 700+ pounds, you need someone you can trust to ensure that the proper precautions get taken and that your beautiful piano arrives perfectly intact.聽

Providence Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

As we mentioned above, our Providence piano movers come prepared with specialized equipment, trucks, and everything necessary to ensure the safety of your gorgeous instrument during this transition. Plus, they have the extensive training and experience that you’re looking for in a Providence piano moving company.聽

When it comes to equipment, our piano experts have a piano dolly that gets used for Grand and Baby Grand pianos and an upright dolly for your other types of pianos. They also come prepared with moving blankets, straps, shrink wrap, and padding to ensure your piano doesn’t get scratched or damaged during the drive.聽

One of the biggest hassles with moving a piano is trying to get it out of your home and into the truck– requiring a lot of experience and training. Trustworthy and highly-trained Providence piano moving companies will have a special truck with lift gates to help get your piano inside. After the piano is inside the moving truck, they will use straps to hold it in place.聽

When you work with the #1 Providence piano moving company, you will receive:聽


  • Upright dolly
  • Piano dolly for Baby Grand and Grand
  • Tie down straps
  • Moving blankets
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Furniture dolly (these have four wheels with carpet on top)


  • Liftgate or ramp
  • Straps to tie the piano down to ensure it鈥檚 secure during the drive

Crew Members

  • Highly-trained
  • Hardworking
  • Expert Providence piano movers
  • Trustworthy
  • Professional

The crew members are here to make your transition seamless, and they have the proper experience in preparing, disassembling, moving, transporting, and positioning your piano in your new home. Correira Brothers are the best Providence piano moving company out there, and we’ve successfully moved many pianos, and we only use experienced and highly-trained crew members!聽

Providence Piano Moving Costs

The final cost for moving a piano in Providence gets influenced by different factors, but it’s much more affordable than you might think. For an accurate estimate, you must share as much information as possible. A few examples of details that can be helpful include:

  • Any special prep required
  • The distance between your current home and your new place of residency聽
  • If you’re moving in-state or out-of-state聽
  • The type of piano you need to transport
  • The location of your piano; if you live in an apartment or have it located on the second floor of your home, it may need to get hoisted out, which can end up increasing the final price

Before making your final decision, you must do plenty of research and ask questions along the way.

Here at Correira Brothers, we promise to provide affordable Providence piano moving services.

Our hardworking, professional, and reliable Providence piano movers are here to make this transition as stress-free as possible–giving you peace of mind!

Providence Piano Moving Companies - How To Choose The Best One

When trying to find the best Providence piano moving companies, it can feel overwhelming and even impossible at times, but it’s not–promise! To help you find the #1 team of Providence piano movers, we highly recommend that you do your research and ask plenty of questions.聽 Here are some questions we suggest you ask:聽

  • What are your Google Reviews?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • What equipment do you use to transport pianos?
  • Are your crew members highly-trained and experienced piano movers?聽
  • What is your claim rate?
  • Are you fully licensed and insured?聽
  • On average, how many pianos do you move each year?
  • How many years have you been Providence piano movers?聽
  • Do you have a specialized truck to relocate pianos of all sizes (Baby Grand, Grand, Upright, Spinet, and Digital Keyboards)?聽

With 10+ years of moving experience, required background checks on all of our employees, a 96% referral rate, and a 4% claim rate, Correira Brothers is the best Providence moving company out there! Our professional and reliable crew members are piano experts and will treat your beautiful string instrument like their own.聽

And once your piano is delivered, it’s wise to call and get your piano serviced and tuned because even the slightest vibration can get your beautiful instrument out of tune.聽

Looking For An Affordable Providence Piano Movers? Call Correira Brothers

Are you planning a relocation and need help moving your piano? Correira Brothers provide the best piano moving services to the Providence metropolitan area, the entire state of Rhode Island, and most of Connecticut and Massachusetts. While moving can be stressful at times, our crew members will make your transition seamless–giving you peace of mind! Call us at (401) 648-6683 for a free estimate and to learn more about our affordable Providence piano moving services!聽